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Wiaa football championships online dating

Being a member of both the Cross Country and Track and Field teams has not only made my high school a positive experience but has actively shaped me into who I am today.The Cross Country and Track programs were very successful while I was competing, and being part of such a great team allowed me to see all the hard work the varsity athletes put into the sport and the drive the JV team had to work just as hard as those above them.

Due to the skills learned on the court and at practice in high school, I will know how to be an effective leader working with peers in my future career and beyond.This taught me to push through tough times and not give into adversity.But, the life lesson that impacted me the most, is learning to work hard.During my last game of high school football I was sidelined by an achilles injury and watched as the minutes slipped away and we lost the game.That injury carried over through wrestling and I missed a quarter of the season.

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My high school career was marked by countless hours of training in all weather conditions and fighting against mental and physical challenges.