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Using my literary license I wanted to share this story due to its revealing aspects of African lust.

The descriptive nature of my relaying this event may be appalling to some readers while being interesting and titillating to those who have experienced interracial sex.

There were some that had changed from their earlier intent and beginning in the 1960s provided a more dark approach to bonding black and white cultures.

True, most of them practiced a respectful itinerary but there was one, perhaps two, controlled by local authorities that expanded their agenda to exploiting white families.

This story is based on a similar event in Nigeria around 1980.

I was surprised at how mature and descriptive Candy, his daughter, was in her sexual accounts and in relaying the actual descriptive experiences of her sisters, brother and other white girls that attended the retreat.Now the black rulers sought the return of white engineers and tradesmen along with their families accompanying them.What the white families did not know was that a number of them would be sexually exploited.He ruled strictly but kept favor with other African power brokers and tribal leaders by supplying them with sexual favors.The most prized were white ex-pats wives and daughters who were either blackmailed into submission or taken by force.

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One can only imagine the helplessness and fear of a white father seeing a couple of black Africans return his daughter home as she enters the house with wrinkled clothes and a teary despondent look on her face.

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