Match dating Skive

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Match dating Skive

‘Or how experienced you are,’ it continued beneath.

‘If you have passion desire…’ ‘…You have no limits.’ What a great message!

Graeme Harford, 39, a self-employed plumber, said: 'My wife works full time in Leicester and I work for myself so if we can't get child care I'll have to pick them up.'That means losing half a day's pay on a Friday.

Grandma noticed immediately they had something special lined up for the match.

The ‘clap banners’ had helped create a noisy atmosphere and were a good way of getting everyone involved.

Plus they made nice place-mats afterwards once you took the rubber band off and flattened them out a bit.

A letter was sent to parents of Danemill Primary School in Leicestershire, suggesting pupils will finish at 1.05pm - two hours and 15 minutes earlier than the usual 3.20pm.

The school claims the move, which is due to come into force in October, will save money by allowing teachers to plan lessons instead of teach on Friday afternoons, although the exact figure has not been specified.

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'Phil Carson said: 'Absolute stupidity, is this signs of a city that doesn't work?