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Jasmine live chat guy

Daily Dancer, a regular webcam guest in 2006, also appeared in the launch episode.

The show now sometimes features live musical performances by a variety of artists of different genres and success levels, though is decidedly committed to being a 26-minute show on what the hosts do and think.The previously hour-long program was now split into two separate half-hour programs.The first half was still MTV Live, and what was previously referred to as "the second half" was now MTV News, hosted by previous MTV Live hosts Aliya-Jasmine Sovani and Johnny Hockin, as well as music reporter Sharlene Chiu.The show mainly features hosts Daryn and Nicole sitting at a desk, while comedically discussing the news, while the hosts often participate in games and challenges with Paul, such as Freestyle Ambush.Sheena can usually be seen behind Daryn and Nicole interacting with viewers on a computer, while she also hosts a segment of the show called Sheena on the Street, where she goes out onto the Toronto streets surrounding the studio and asks citizens questions, gives them challenges, and dresses up in costumes.

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Currently, no release date has been set and there’s yet to be any mention of whether or not the wise-cracking bird pal Iago will make his live-action debut.

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