College dating safety tips

Posted by / 24-Oct-2017 19:22

First, make Google your best friend and search their screen name, IM name, or anything else they give you to contact them.Check out dating scam web sites and see if they are listed or if their dating pitch sounds awfully familiar to any listed.

Recently, someone told me that they were Catholic; I thought “That’s strange, their profile says Protestant.” It could be that when filling out their profile, they selected the wrong box- but either way that set off my b.s. Keep your ears open and listen to make sure everything seems consistent with their profile and past conversations.

you would think that you’d be able to find them in at least a few Google search results, wouldn’t you?

If someone says they are a successful artist for example, but there is nothing about them online with their name, location and at least a few pix of their work, I would be suspicious.

There are additional warning signs that can come up. Just remember the rule of thumb is if something doesn’t make sense or seem right, it may not be.

If you suspect that someone may be a fake, or may be dishonest there are a few simple resources you can use to protect yourself from these type of people.

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With a “real” email address, you can search and get their IP address to verify their location and make sure it matches where they say they live.